Architectural Services

Wade Burns

As you consider a building project—whether a new home, a remodel, addition, or other modification—who should  design it?

The cheapest way is to have the contractor have something drawn up. Seldom will that result in the most creative answer to the challenge you’re trying to solve.  More often, a draftsman or self-trained designer will have quickly put a drawing together, and present you with something the contractor feels will be most profitable and the least trouble to build.

On the other hand, a licensed architect has experience listening to and reacting to the needs of the client. How do you move about your space? What features are most important? What style are you after? How does it fit in with the nearby architecture, or that of your existing structure? Will it take best advantage of views? Will it moderate road noise?  And endless other considerations.

It is rare that the architect has extensive buildilng experience, to understand the practicalities of constructing what he or she has designed.  Rarer still is the architect who is a practicing, licensed residential and commercial contractor.

Wade Burns cut his teeth on restoring Atlanta’s oldest homes. He has practiced and is licensed in architecture and contracting, and intimately knows construction processes, steep slope ordinances, variance request processes, and how to delight his clients.